About Us

CYFM exists to equip believers of Jesus Christ by providing training and resources.

Center for Youth and Family Ministry is focused on developing training and resources in three different areas: Youth, Family and Leadership. We do this by running youth camps, family retreats, leadership training and retreats, and training for church leaders and youth leaders. We bring this education not only through the classroom setting, but also through activities, travel, tourism and adventure. We desire to help participants create lasting memories while investing their time and money in learning and growing to their full potential in Christ.

We are an interdenominational ministry, and we partner with different Bible-believing churches. You are welcome to write to us about our partnership policies. 

As we are in a pioneering phase, we are still working on the legal establishment of our programs. Within a few years from now we hope to become a leading organization in the area of providing retreats, recreation, education, and outdoor adventure.

For more information, feel free to contact us at info[at]cyfm-nepal.org

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Center for Youth and Family Ministry
Pokhara, Nepal