2016 BEEP Camps

Pokhara BEEP Camp experienced growth and Chitawan Mini Camp laid foundation for pioneering full BEEP Camp in 2017

CYFM with youth and ministry leaders from Bharatpur area organized a mini BEEP Camp with 43 youth and 14 leaders to help them grow in their relationship with God and to discover their identity and God's plans for their lives. CYFM also organized a BEEP Camp in Pokhara in April with 43 participants and 12 leaders. Everyone had a great time of learning from the word of God and meeting new friends to learn together and grow together in faith. The October BEEP Camp in Pokhara grew in number and we had 60 campers and 14 leaders. The participants expressed their gratitude towards the leaders and CYFM. Some parents later called and expressed their appreciation for how deeply it impacted their kids’ lives and said they are able to recognize the value of learning from the Word of God and applying the truth from his Word. Everyone wished they could come again. Most of them will come back for the 2017 camps. 

We would like to thank you for your prayers and support and participation in our camps either as campers, volunteer leaders or teachers, or even just praying with us. We appreciate your encouragement and support. 

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Center for Youth and Family Ministry
Pokhara, Nepal