Chitawan BEEP Camp

BEEP Camp Chitawan is sparking the revival for youth

After launching a piolet project for mini-camp in Chitawan in April 2016, a growing interest among the church leaders and youth leaders emerged for seeking the opportunity for BEEP Camp to run on a regular basis. In March 2017 we were able to start a BEEP Camp Chitawan. 

In February 2017, CYFM Leaders travelled to provide training for leaders and to form a coordinating team of leaders. After doing some discussion and interaction about the needs and challenges for reaching out to the young generation in Chitawan inside and outside the Church, there was a sense of conclusion among the leaders. In order to reach and disciple the young generation in this part of world, we first need to have opportunity for youth in the church to get to know God deeply and have a strong relationship Him. BEEP Camp provides that opportunity through its teaching of the Word of God, fun activities and discipleship training.   With great enthusiasm for regularly running BEEP Camp, a Coordination Leadership Team was formed with Local Church pastors and leaders. The group of leaders also decided to take an offering for funds to support the BEEP Camp. 

From 11-17 March, the first BEEP Camp was successfully finished with 42 campers, 16 staff and multiple pastors and leaders from Chitawan and other place for teaching. There is a great attraction for young people to come to BEEP Camp again, and they shared that they had so much fun, connection and fellowship while learning about God and his plan and purpose for their future. We would appreciate your prayers for the leadership team who will be preparing for another camp next March. They are dreaming of having BEEP Camp twice a year in Chitawan like we do in Pokhara.

Center for Youth and Family Ministry
Pokhara, Nepal